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case studies

  • Politify Homepage Redesign
  • Politify Primaries Platform
  • Politify Primaries Platform

Politify Interface

Politify is the nexus in helping average citizens make informed decisions come election day. The interactive platform invites you to plug in some basic information and calculates which candidate’s financial plan will benefit you most. Through clear data visualization and user interaction, we simplified these complicated political scenarios.

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  • CPS_Process
  • CPS_Process3

Story Synthesis for School Health

With childhood obesity rates high and climbing, Chicago Public Schools (CPS), as the nation’s third largest school district, is positioned well to lead change against this epidemic. We are working with their Health and Wellness Promotion team to tell their story, so they can create healthier school environments.

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  • StrategyVisualization3
  • StrategyVisualization1
  • StrategyVisualization2

Strategy Visualization

Investing money is challenging, confusing and oftentimes overwhelming. Not to mention, when playing with your own money, knowing who to trust and when to invest add additional layers of apprehension. We worked with a financial services company to create a more understandable storyline for a new product they were offering.

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Catalyzing our research and design superpowers, we simplify complex information in areas that most affect our daily lives: financial services, politics, healthcare, education, and cultural awareness.

We bridge widening knowledge gaps in society to foster positive change through information clarity and transparency. Our strengths lie in our ability to synthesize the complex, partner with our constituents, and iterate to develop outstanding solutions.

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Meticulous research, candid collaboration, and excellent design are integral components of our work. Using our defined process—scope, research, prototype & design, and delivery—we partner with our target audiences and experts in the field to create unique solutions that make information in the social sector approachable.



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